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Spring 2015 at Velvet Orange

It’s all about COLOUR, TEXTURE and the senses here at Velvet Orange.

Anything that sends out good vibrations and resonates individually with us. Now that Spring has sprung – we are finding all sorts of delicious things to bring into our designs. We are also noticing that our discerning clients are demanding more from their interiors, and wanting to make bolder steps in expressing their style. Which, we love…

These are just some of the finishes we are prescribing on some of our projects.

Bold, textured and glamourous tiles…

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Uplifting, fresh and citrusy wallpapers…

2015-03-19 11.03.09-12015-03-19 11.05.07-1

…amazing fabrics to upholster chairs and mesmerising wall colours for previously un-loved nooks …(from a recent client interior)…

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Today, the Velvet Orange team was looking at upholstering a wall in leather, punctuating it with some wall lights and using metallic accents to pick out details in a scheme that would work with a client’s own fabulous furniture pieces from South Africa.

All our clients are really different and we spend a lot of time talking about their homes and how they use them. We take notice of the things they love and try to work out why they love them, so we can get a really good idea of how to bring together the best design for them. When we sit down with our clients, we focus on them and not the world outside the front door.

The armchair psychology of it all is fascinating. For example, many clients have a strong like or dislike of a particular colour, shape or finish – often because it may bring back positive or negative memories of previous times or situations. Some clients hate geometric shapes because they spent so long struggling with maths problems at school, whilst others who loved maths want symmetry in their interiors. Some clients want a new start as they start new chapters in their lives and others want to be reminded of happy moments in their history.

They don’t actually know that this is the case, until we talk to them and start to un-ravel their stories.

This wallpaper here is loved by one client but not another – one a maths lover, another a maths hater. The former saying how she loved the art deco feel of it, the latter saying that these structured shapes reminded him of his geometry classes…

2015-03-26 18.11.28-1

Our differences are what make us all unique, and what makes a Velvet Orange interior designer’s job so interesting. Spatial planning and design functionality are core to what we deliver, but, the colour, finishes and aesthetics, whilst 50% of the job, are what everybody thinks it is all about.

We are working on a development at the moment, interesting because there are lengthy conversations about creating the dream home aesthetic whilst balancing a neutral palette that will appeal to a wider audience. Who will the buyer be? We cannot possibly second guess the personality of the future owner, but we are taking some considered risks on a glamorous finish. The developer understandably wants a neutral palette, whilst the designers at Velvet Orange are looking for some bolder statements. Because of the Velvet Orange way of doing things, it is more tricky to think about appealing to a “mass market” than it is to think about an individual client.

I adore this polished steel bath matched with carrera marble hexagon tiles. Who will win on the wall colour?  the developer (off white) or me (inky dark blue) — I will keep you posted…(I may paint it whilst he is not looking)…

(this is mid-development)..

2015-03-13 10.35.54-1

The same developer made some very bold choices in his own space…we built a lego pocket door, imported hexagonal, clay tiles reclaimed from an old french farmhouse and teamed it all with a stainless steel and leather kitchen and of course, a Velvet Orange Fridge…

This floor did not exist when we started work on it – we wanted to make it look like it had always been there and we were all really proud of the results.


There are some fantastic materials and colours out there right now, with suppliers thinking about all sorts of exciting ways to use materials. Photographs can be turned into wallpapers, images can be projected onto any surface (like wood or metal), metallic paints can be sprayed onto anything – the combinations and opportunities to customise and create a unique interior are endless.

Ultimately though, these design choices have to be about what makes you happy. I often talk about not being a lemming, daring to be different, standing out from the crowd. We spend so much time in our homes, that it surely is a wasted opportunity not to furnish them as an extension of ourselves?

Recently I dropped in on a friend who had a painting propped up on her fireplace – not the final destination for this piece, but she had put it there for a while just to enjoy it. I LOVE that. Buy and enjoy for your own satisfaction.


Install colour wherever you want to see it – and then look at it, suck it up and feel good about it. These Velvet Orange shots always make us happy here in the studio..

[row_fluid][one_half] KleaAvenue141

[/one_half][one_half] Clapham066 [/one_half][/row_fluid]

Which goes back to the Velvet Orange point about a unique perspective on interior design. Think about why you like or dislike something and then surround yourself as far as you can with the colours, textures, pieces (and people)  – both old and new – that make you happy.

We love colour, texture and the senses at Velvet Orange and know how lucky we are being surrounded by interesting people and exciting new products all designed to make you feel good.

And what does a Velvet Orange designers home look like? Personal, colourful and a space to empty the mind…

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