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March Photo of the Month


I saw this monk’s robes flying in the wind from 100m away whilst strolling along the ramparts in Galle Fort . A fairly frantic and marginally death defying run ensued as I really wanted to take a photograph – the moment almost slipped away. I asked permission and he gave it, what you don’t see here is that just a few seconds later he floated down the steps to he sea and took a swim.

Photography is such a beautiful and immediate way of capturing a moment in time forever, to evoke an atmosphere or memory or simply to capture a gorgeous visual moment. Being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to do that is a privilege, and each month a favourite image will be posted. More details can be found at

I have always been interested in this field and have increasingly found it to be an extension of what I do as an Interior Designer. Looking for light and shade, colour, symmetry, tone, space — the composition is all important in order to tell a story. I have recently been taking commissions from clients who want selected pieces to install as artwork in their interior spaces. An incredibly personal way of creating a tailor made statement in your space, I am enjoying experimenting with ways to achieve artistic pieces based on the photographs I take.

You can see examples of work at and a photo of the month will be posted on this page regularly.

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