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About Dee

I am a London based Interior Designer. Founder and Design Director of Velvet Orange, and more recently designer and owner of boutique villa-hotel Kalukanda House in Sri Lanka.

I have always had a passion for the story and the people who create beautiful spaces and objects. I am held captive by the provenance of  something that is a “must have” and why that is. Whether it is a particular piece of furniture or a piece of clothing that we imagine using in a million different scenarios to justify the purchase – we are all chasing an emotion that the object will give us. I believe that good design is a process that starts from a place of good intention – there is something very dis-satisfying about copycatting anything if it does not resonate with us.

So I’d like to get back to basics and really think about what makes us love something so much we have to have it, and more importantly, still covet it long after the initial buzz of a purchase has gone.

I have lots of lovely clients who come to me to design their homes and they all have different pressure points and wish-lists. Usually there are non-negotiable elements that we need to work with and there is almost always something that is aesthetically so pleasing when we are sourcing, that we just have to work it into the scheme. Alternatively a client may already own the perfect piece that needs to take centre stage. That is the moment that I want to understand – that sharp intake of breath – where senses are heightened because of an object, colour, material, furniture or better still, space..and the positive energy and feelings that come from that.

My curiosity about wellness in our spaces is something I am exploring in these pages and I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on this topic.


I will also be updating each page with news on the design front, sharing what is going on at Kalukanda House and talking about the places and spaces and interesting people that bring them to life that I come across during my working days.

Dee xoxo