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Velvet Orange

An Inspirational, reportage style blend of delicious design news, tips and before and after project photos. This blog gives insights to fellow design lovers of what is happening in our very own Velvet Orange World. We meet amazing people and un-cover incredible ideas all the time, this is our space to share it.

Kalukanda House

A vivid mix of articles written by us about Sri Lanka, exciting activities and news from the villa and guest blogs by some of our amazing creative guests. The villa and gardens is a sanctuary, a source of inspiration and a space for connection, here we try and capture just a small piece of that for you to feel it too.

Design and Wellness

These two words go hand in hand for me. Velvet Orange client interiors and life at Kalukanda House for our guests have two things in common – gorgeous space and the positive energy within it. In these articles I explore these themes further and invite other experts to comment on the topic too. How are these two words inextricably linked?

Recent Posts

The articles in this blog are a mix of guest and home written pieces about places, spaces and people that inspire me and my fellow design lovers. The world is a big and beautiful place, sometimes just the simplest things can bring such joy. I hope you will join me and can take inspiration too, Dee xoxo…